logoThe Manasquan High School Warrior Band was founded in 1936 by Mr. Matthew Ciricolo, then Chairman of the Business Education Department. Starting as an extra curricular subject with only a few members, the spirit quickly grew as did the size and reputation of the band. Performing for football games, local parades, and civic occasions, the marchers in blue and gray soon became a traditional part of the shore area activities. The twirling squad was begun four years later to add a new dimension to the Band's appearance with their "flashing batons and sparkling smiles". During World War II the group performed for numerous patriotic parades and War Bond Rallies.

Following the war, the size and activities of the band increased, as did Mr. Ciricolo's school responsibilities. He became vice-principal of the high school and Mr. Harry Eichhorn took over the reins in September of 1953.

Harry Eichhorn 1988

At the Thanksgiving Day Game in 1962, Drum Majorette Ann Dropchinski first wore the Indian Princess uniform which became a trade-mark of the band during Mr. Eichhorn's tenure as director. The nick-name 'Warrior Band' was added in keeping with the Indian heritage of the town. The addition of a tall-silks squad in 1978 brought another element of dynamic motion and color to field shows and parades.

After 36 years as the leader Mr. Eichhorn retired. In September of 1989 Mr. Alan Abraham became the new director.

Alan Abraham 1989

The band continued with its military style and appearance. Basic performances of the band still are at high school football games and the concert series. The members are proud of their football appearances. The concerts each year feature music of the masters along with pop, jazz, and stirring marches. All this is in keeping with the traditional philosophy of the band to offer each member a broad understanding and appreciation of music through a varied repertoire at a wide variety of public appearances.

these performances have included:

The Miss America Parade Apple Blossom Grand Festival Parade

Azalea Festival Parade

New York's 1963 World's Fair

Madison Square Garden

N. Y. Armed Forces Day Parade

Statue of Liberty

U.S. Capitol

Walt Disney World

Universal Studios

Jefferson Monument

United States Military Academy at West Point

The U.S.S. Intrepid

Yankee Stadium Opening Day

Yankee Stadium World Series

Yankees' World Championship Ticker Tape Parade

N. Y. Veteran's Day Parade

Band of Pride Concert in Times Square NYC

After 28 years as the leader Mr. Abraham retired. In September of 2017 Ryan Wiemken became the new director.


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